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    Charter Fishing on Lake Ontario available with or without lodging.


28 Years of Doing What I Love

Are you Planning a Lake Ontario Charter Fishing Trip? Let me help you plan your trip. Do you want to Charter a boat or do you want to fish on your own boat, from the shore, or fish the Salmon River during the fall salmon run. Give me a call and I will gladly help you plan your trip.

My Guarantee To You

As a charter Captain my job is to catch a few fish even on the days that the fish don’t want to be caught. A few times every season we have a trip where we don’t catch any fish. I still work very hard and the boat still uses the same amount of gas whether we are catching fish or not. If you happen to book a trip on one of those rare occasions, I will give it my all. If we don’t catch any fish on your trip, I will try to make it up to you on your next trip. I will extend your next trip at no additional cost. The next time we fish you will get a full day of fishing for a half day’s price.

I always try my best to show my anglers a good time, but sometimes the weather is not our friend or the fishing is not what you expected. If this happens on your trip and your not having a good time. let me know that you want to quit and we will return to the dock and I will gladly refund the amount of time that is left on your trip.

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About Captain Bill VanWormer

For many years I fished my charter boats without a mate. I like to take my anglers fishing the same way that I take my friends and family. But time has crept up on me, so in the future I plan on using a mate, but I still want to involve my anglers in the fishing as much as is possible.

Our Story

Barbara and I have been life long residents of Oswego County in upstate New York. We have been married since 1968 and have raised 3 children and are now enjoying 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

In 1986 I was licensed by the US Coast Guard and started a charter fishing business as lucky Dutchman Charters . To better serve our anglers Barbara and I built and opened the Feeder Creek Lodge in 1990. We felt that by offering lodging along with fishing as a package we could ensure our customers an enjoyable and hassele free experience

In 1995 we purchased our second Charter Boat a 28 ft. Baha Sport-fisherman which became the LuckyDutchman II. In 1996 I quit my job with Alcan Aluminum and we committed to a full time Charter and lodging business. And I have living the good life ever since.

Football Browns

Football browns is a phrase that was coined by great lakes trout fishermen. This was a phrase that was used to described the way the brown trout that they were catching in Lake Ontario looked.

When they are stocked they look like any other brown trout at that stage of their life cycle. Because of the abundant bait fish population in Lake Ontario our browns grow very rapidly and this rapid growth affects the way the fish develop.

Their little bodies grow much faster than their heads and tails. A 15 inch long fish in a stream environment would weigh less than a pound. But in the Lake Ontario environment this same 15 inch long fish might weigh as much as three pounds. This rapid growth makes their profile look like a football, bulged in the middle and little on each end.

The first time that anyone catches one of these football browns they understand why this term is used to describe these fish.

Brown trout is the species that we usually target early in the spring. When the ice goes out the waters along the shore line are the first to warm in Lake Ontario and this warm near shore water attracts the bait fish which in turn attracts the brown trout. We fish for brown trout on and off from ice out into the month of August. As the season progresses the average size on the brown trout goes from five to six pounds up to eight to ten pounds, but from the start of our season until the end of the season it is extremely likely during a fishing trip to catch a brown trout weighting in the double digits.

What Others Have To Say

Lucky Dutchman Charters Will take you fishing on Lake Ontario aboard a 28 foot Baha Sportfisherman that is fully equipped with all the necessary tackle, electronics and safety equipment that is needed for you to catch quality trout and salmon on lake Ontario.

Some of my best trips were with Captain Bill…

Captain Dick Pinney
Captain Dick PinneyGreenland, NH

Nice clean and comfortable boat and lodge…

DennisGoffstown, New Hampshire

We have been fishing with Bill for well over 20 years…

Bob and Lee
Bob and LeeMonson, MA

Best Fishing Experience on Lake Ontario NY…

Greg P
Greg P


A deposit of $100 per day of fishing is required to reserve your trip, and after we receive your deposit we will send you a confirmation letter to ensure that everything is booked the way that you intended. If you need to cancel call us as soon as possible and we will refund your deposit.


In the spring early (April through May) we fish the shallow near shore waters and our primary target species is brown trout. As the season progress and the water along the shore line warms the fish will move farther from the shore and deeper into the water column. As we follow these fish deeper we will start to mix king salmon into the catch.


Summer fishing (June and July) is deep water thermocline fishing and we fish for all the trout and salmon species. This summer is a good time for family fishing, the weather is good, and when we are thermocline fishing if one species of fish doesn’t want to bite we can usually find a different species that will bite.


Fall fishing (August and September) is a both deep and shallow water fishing as we pursue mature king salmon.


Half Day Fishing Trip

A half day fishing trip departing the dock at six AM and returning to the dock at Twelve PM (6hrs) with one to four anglers is $500.

Half Day Fishing Trip w/ Lodging

The same half day trip with one nights lodging for four anglers is only $610 or $153 each.

Full Day Fishing Trip

A full day fishing trip leaving the dock at six AM and returning at two PM (8hrs) for one to four anglers is $650.

Full Day Fishing Trip w/ Lodging

A full day fishing package with one nights lodging for four anglers the cost of that package is only $760 or $190 each.

Intensive Fishing Package

We also offer a fishing intensive AM and PM fishing package with one nights lodging. On the afternoon trip we leave the dock at two PM and we return to the dock by seven PM stay one nights in the lodge and the following morning we will leave the dock by six AM and return to the dock by noon. The cost for two fishing trips (5hrs) in the afternoon and (6hrs) in the morning along with one nights lodging for four anglers is $986 or $246 each.


One or Two Adults

The rate for the cabin is $100 per night for one or two adults and $40 per night for up to two additional adults.

Two Adults, Two Children

The cost for two adults and two children up to the age of twelve is $100 per night.

Weekly Rate

The weekly rate for one or two adults is $560 and each additional person is $210 per week.


One or Two Adults

The rate for the lodge is $60 per night for one or two adults and $80 per night for up to two additional adults.

Single Occupancy

To Book a room for single occupancy the rate is $60 per night.

The off season (March through July) weekly rate for seven nights is $210 per person per week.

Exclusive Use

If you wish to reserve the lodge for the exclusive use of your party up to 14 persons the cost is $480 per night.

Accommodations in the heart of Salmon Country

Feeder Creek Lodge isn’t a bed and breakfast although you do get a free continental breakfast. It also isn’t a hotel or motel either it is way more than that.

Feeder Creek Lodge isn’t a bed and breakfast although you do get a free continental breakfast. It also isn’t a hotel or motel either it is way more than that.

There is a living room with flat screen TV, free phone, and a free high speed internet where you and your party can plan the next days activities or you can relax and enjoy each others company.

In the kitchenette there is everything you need to fix your breakfast, pack your lunch or prepare an evening meal.

There is also a large screened in patio where you can relax and enjoy the quite and peaceful surroundings. You can take a walk in the woods and watch the birds, fish in our pond, or gather around a campfire and when you go to bed you will sleep undisturbed.

Everything you need for a comfortable stay is provided for you. All linens and towels are included. Just bring your toiletries.

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